Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! ish...

What a week it's been... We were approved at AWAA, filled out our program paperwork *high five* and were mailing out everything when we found out some (at that time) really scary news. Ethiopia is slowing their program down. Not to like to a jog but to a very slow, teasing walk. Now all of this is through the grapvine of course and nothing has been posted by the federal govt. but word on the street is that Ethiopia will be slowing their courts down from 50 cases a day to five. Yes....five. I called our "go to gal" at AWAA and even before I could say a word she said, "let me first say we don't know anything". LOL I already knew she'd probably gotten a bunch of calls already but just wanted to touch base and see what the plan was. So right now the plan is there is no plan. We know we can expect the program to change how much change we just don't know. We doubt it will close but for the families already waiting for a referral we're not sure how much longer they'll have to wait. Chris and I are staying positive. This could be a good thing for the long run of Ethiopia's orphan crisis. It will ensure that the children who are being adopted are truly orphans and that their families will not taken away from them. So for now we wait on word from the agency but we stand on the Word of God. God tells us that he's not going to leave us alone. He's got our backs even when we're scared, anxious and afraid and we trust that. We had ti remind ourselves that we're following His instructions. He's going to take care of this. I know he is... We will be in continued prayer over the future of the Ethiopia program and know with God's guidance we'll know exactly what to do. It may take a little longer for our baby girl but she's worth it.

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