Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Easter Story

Our family practices Lent which is 40 days of fasting, prayer and mindfulness of the story of Christ's passion. This was a special year for us because we noticed that our boys were really able to sit for evening prayer and even lead us in prayer which truly melted out hearts. We'd pray every evening for speical things that they boys would think of. Lucas would say "thank you" to Jesus for the rain, flowers, family and friends. James would usually pray for the firemen that put out fires. (he's into firetrucks at the moment) All appropriate things for their age. I also try to do morning prayer with the boys by myself on the way to school. One morning after we prayed together Lucas was having trouble figuring out what to thank Jesus for. I told him I had the same trouble sometimes. Prayer is hard, especially when you're suffering, in pain, anxious or even happy. I struggle with getting the "right" words or loosing focus on what we need to be thankful for. Finally, after pausing for a moment, Lucas said, "I think I want to pray to be more like Jesus". "I think that's a perfect prayer", I said. Simply perfect. Our five year old hit the nail on the head. and that became our family's prayer that day for the rest of Lent. We want to be more like Him. Everyday. Matt Maher is one of my favorite praise and worship artists and his song "Christ Is Risen" has been playing over and over at our house this Lent. Happy Easter everyone!