Friday, March 4, 2011


Exciting news...we've been approved for the Ethiopia program for America Words Adoption. This is just the first of many hurdles we'll have to jump but it's a start and it's right where we need to be. A few of you asked if I'd put a timeline up on the blog so you could see how everything would play out so here ya go! After the acceptance into the program, we're now waiting to be given an adoption coordinator that goes step by step through the process with us. THIS is the process :)

1. Apply to USCIS (I-600 petition for an orphan) and complete our homestudy

2. Collect dossier documents (i.e. birth certificates, marriage certificates, physical exams, financial info, insurance info, employment info, reference letters, police reports, federal paperwork, power of attorney, passports and family photos and homestudy) All which has to be approved and certified to send to Ethiopia.

3. Wait...wait...wait for referral (when they find the child for us)

4. Referral Day! We'll receive a picture and medical report of our baby girl and AWAA will send the acceptance letter back to Ethiopia to confirm we're adopting her.

5. Trip one -- travel to meet our daughter and have our court date with The Women's Ministry (5-7 days)

6. Trip two -- Travel back to Ethiopia to complete visa paperwork and bring our baby girl home (4-5 days)

7. Complete our post adoption reports and paperwork

So there ya have it...lots of paperwork but well worth it. So excited to start the process. GAAH! Sooo. excited!!

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