Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Boys

The past two weeks have been especially crazy in our house. Chris has been traveling, working and studying. The boys have been sick. I have been sick, and tee ball practice has started. All these things created bumps in our nice and easy breezy schedule. One thing that has been consistent is the attitudes of our boys. There have been instances with both of our oldests that have stopped us in our tracks the past few days where we just kind of look at each other in agreement of how special they are. Now, this is not saying that they can't act like 5,3 and 1 year olds but for the most part, man, they are something else. Chris came home from a business trip the other week and just like in the movies, when the front door opens and Daddy walks in the boys RUN towards the door giving his legs big hugs. Sometimes, I think they have supersonic ears because they can hear the turn of the key from all the way upstairs. This certian night was different though. We had been eating dinner in the kitchen and James and Lucas were loving their pizza so much they didn't quite care that Chris was home. Chris drops off his briefcase and kissed me hello then starts to talk to the boys about their day. Before he could get a word in James asks Chris, "DADDY!! Did you bring home our baby girl??" As the lump in our throats grew, Chris told him "no", but he would soon. Chris and I just looked at each other in awe of our sweet boys. They fight, argue, and tattle BUT they love each other and their attitudes of happines and love are so present that it reminds us why we're a family. Baby girl, your brothers and Mommy and Daddy will wait for you. We pray that you'll be safe until we bring you home.

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