Friday, February 25, 2011

God Is Big Enough

I walked into James school one day last month and I'd been worrying about our adoption throughout the week because not only had we been going over our financial timeline and all of those zeros were starting to weigh heavy on my mama shoulders but there had been talks with the Women's Ministry in Addis about the program and I feared that it would be somehow changed. There was a small basket on the table by the director's office and it had all of these bracelets in there. Betsy, the director saw me eyeing them and she sweetly said, "take one! take as many as you'd like!". I picked one up for myself and I read the inscription, "GOD IS BIG ENOUGH". Big, bold and staring me in the face. I must have been hormonal that day because I looked at Betsy, with my teary eyes and told her, "you have no idea how much I needed to see that right now". I realized that I hadn't surrendered. He had told me that He'd work it out, all is well, I will show you.... I had forgotten that. How could I have forgotten that? Chris and I aren't "big enough". Our family isn't "big enough" (no pun intended) but God is. He's got our backs even when we forget it needs to be covered. I was talking to a friend of mine one day and I asked her what it was like going from three kids to four kids and she said, "You know what? God gives you exactly what you need. Not before, not after but RIGHT when you need it." She was, was she right.


  1. Great words and an even better reminder, Dani! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Tiffany! God is SO good :)